Private Member’s Bill: The Mental Health Admissions (Data) Bill

Today (5 February) I submitted my Private Member’s Bill: The Mental Health Admissions (Data) Bill. This law would lead to the collection of much needed information to help ensure the best possible care when people are severely unwell with mental illness.

Delivering for Schools: Increased Per-Pupil Funding

Ensuring all children have access to good education was one of my key election pledges. I’m proud the promise to increase school funding, to £5,000 for secondary pupils and £4,000 for primary pupils, is already being delivered with legislation laid in Parliament yesterday.

Parliamentary Scrutiny for South Western Railway

This week I was pleased to join colleagues in establishing the first All Party Parliamentary Group for the South Western Railway. The aim of the Group is to take a direct and decisive role in improving the train service for constituents.

Accessibility for All

Since being elected, a number of constituents have raised issues and concerns over accessibility for people living with disabilities, and in particular the long-running issues with lift access at Weybridge train station.

Working with St Peter's Hospital and Surrey NHS

I was delighted to visit St Peter’s hospital this morning to meet with Suzanne Rankin and Andy Field, Chief Exec and Chairman, but also the doctors, nurses, administrators and support staff across A&E and the wards.

Flood Warnings In Runnymede and Weybridge

Following recent bad weather a flood warning is now in place for the river Thames at Hamm Court, and several flood alerts are in place across the constituency.

Junior Doctors Contracts

Back in 2015 and 2016 I wrote two articles about solving the Junior Doctors' contract strikes on Conservative Home and CapX.  

You can find my articles here:

Junior Doctors’ contracts – we must scrap our 1940s-style approach to employment in the NHS