Supporting Carers Through the Covid Crisis

With care homes the new front line of the fight against Coronavirus it is essential we do all we can to support them, their staff, and the residents they look after.

Not only do we need to ensure they have the right support and equipment, but it is also essential that standards are maintained and staff are supported. We all know there have been difficulties ensuring the right PPE reaches the right people on the front line. This is due to the unprecedented scale of demand, however Government, local authorities, residents, charities and the private sector are all working together to ensure those on the front line receive what they need.

For health and care settings there is a PPE dedicated supply channel delivering all core PPE products used for managing and treating patients with COVID-19 such as eye protection, aprons, gloves, gowns, hand sanitiser and masks. Guidance on accessing PPE is available here. For care setting in need of emergency supplies please contact the emergency hotline on 0800 915 9964. To contact the Local Resilience Forum please telephone: 0208 213 2800 or email

To help ensure standards for carers and residents, Dr Ben Spencer has written to Ian Trenholm, Chief Executive of the Care Quality Commission (CQC), calling for greater clarity on the measures being taken to ensure standards are maintained in our health and care settings.

All those working in the care sector to support and protect vulnerable residents deserve our full thanks and respect. We in turn must repay their efforts by doing everything possible to ensure the system to protect them and those they care for remains robust” – Dr Ben Spencer MP

Last month the CQC announced it was suspending all routine inspections in order to prioritise supporting front line care in the face of high demand and reduced staffing. While front line care must be the priority,given the demands on the sector, Dr Spencer requested further detail on safety and monitoring measures to ensure all necessary steps are being taken to protect both staff and service users. A copy of the response received is attached below.

Dr Spencer has also created a web page to provide information on the support available for carers and how we can support those on the front line. This is available here:


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