Support for Students and Universities Announced

The Government this week announced a package of support measures for universities and students aimed at stabilising admissions, supporting students and financial support for Higher Education providers.

With many students having faced uncertainty over exams, grades and admissions, the Department for Education has worked with the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) to provide extra information, advice and support during the clearing process. This new personalised service will not only enable students to choose or change their provider and course, but also help filter through the courses available and suggest alternative opportunities based on students’ individual interests and achievements.

The Government has also announced temporary student number controls will be put in place for domestic and EU students for the coming academic year to ensure social distancing. The cap is based on forecasts for the next academic year, and will be overseen through the student finance system. The Government will retain the ability to allocate an additional 10,000 places, with half of those reserved for nursing, midwifery or allied health courses to support the country’s vital public services.

"Many students, especially those looking to start university this autumn, have been facing huge uncertainty and anxiety over their future. These measures will provide certainty and support for students and the whole Higher Education Sector" – Dr Ben Spencer MP

To support universities themselves, an estimated £2.6bn of tuition fee payments will be bought forward to help universities better manage financial risks over the autumn. The Government also confirmed that Higher Education providers are eligible to apply for business support packages including business loan support schemes.

In addition to education, our universities have been a vital source of scientific research and development through this crisis. To support this £100m of public funding will also be brought forward to this academic year to help protect vital university research activities.

Dr Spencer will continue to work with our local university, Royal Holloway, and on behalf of students affected by the changes to education. If you need support, please contact

More detail on the measures announced can be found here.