Dr Ben Spencer Speaks Out Against Planned Quarantine Measures

In Parliament this week Dr Ben Spencer continued his campaign to protect the aviation sector, raising questions with both the Home Secretary and the Aviation Minister .

Highlighting concerns over the Government's proposed 14 day quarantine people for people travelling from abroad, Dr Spencer described the policy as a 'very blunt tool' which would effectively ground the aviation industry. He called on the Home Secretary to move as quickly as possible to a precise and targeted approach based on science and international safety standards  to protect passengers, the public and those working in and around the aviation sector. The full question and Home Secretary's response is available here.

In questioning the Aviation Minister, Kelly Tolhurst, Dr Spencer highlighted that a 14 day quarantine period would in effect ground the aviation industry, and called for sector specific support, in line with support granted for other sectors which have been directly impacted by the Government response to the crisis. The full question and Minister's response is available here.

Dr Spencer, who the Aviation Minister commended for championing this issue, is campaigning to support the sector and the thousands of jobs and businesses reliant on the industry, which is such a major part of the local economy in Runnymede and Weybridge. For more information please visit Dr Spencer's campaign page here, or sign up for regular campaign updates here