Delivering for Schools: Increased Per-Pupil Funding

During the election, I highlighted my commitment to supporting our schools and ensuring all children have access to a good education and the opportunity that brings. In particular, I supported the Government’s pledge to ensure that every secondary school will get a minimum of £5,000 per pupil and every primary school will get a minimum of £4,000 per pupil.

I am proud that this commitment is already being delivered, with legislation laid in parliament yesterday which requires local authorities to provide the minimum per pupil funding levels to every school by 2021-2. This funding increase is a crucial part of ensuring every pupil, wherever they live, can benefit from an excellent education.

The funding announcement means all schools will receive increased per-pupil funding at least in line with inflation, with an average increase of over 4% per pupil. The Government have also confirmed that Pupil Premium rates, which target funding to support the most disadvantaged children, will increase in line with inflation.

In addition to more funds, the Department for Education has also launched a new website which will allow parents to find out how much extra funding has been provided for their local schools next year, making information on school funding clearer and more accessible. The new, user-friendly tool is now available to use here:…/…/start