Community Support for Those in Need

The response to Coronavirus has brought many changes to all of our lives, but our local councils and communities have been quick to respond to provide advice and support where it is needed.

While the means of accessing support will depend on whether constituents live in Runnymede or Weybridge, all residents should be reassured that both authorities have measures in place to help those affected by the crisis. Both Runnymede and Elmbridge Borough Councils have mobilised in force to provide meals on wheels to older people in our community, and are ensuring, when requested, that older and vulnerable residents receive a ‘check-in’ call – that vital lifeline to provide comfort and support at this unsettling time.

For Weybridge residents, if you need help or advice please call the community helpline on 0300 200 1008.

For Runnymede residents, please call 01932 838383, or fill out this online form.

The local authorities are providing support and guidance for all residents and businesses. For further information Weybridge residents should visit here, and Runnymede residents should visit here.

If you would like to get involved and volunteer your support during this crisis, you can register as an NHS Volunteer Responder here, and to support the community support efforts here.

I want to thank everyone who is playing their part to tackle this crisis, from our frontline services, key workers, community volunteers, and all those staying at home to halt the spread of this disease. Everyone has their part to play. Together we can and will beat coronavirus.