The Aviation Sector Needs Sustainable Solutions Backed by Science

The debate on how best to support the aviation sector continues apace, with MPs continuing to press the Government to introduce measures to support the sector and the jobs and businesses that rely on our international connectivity.

I understand and support the need to maintain covid safe measures, but quarantine alone is a blunt tool which is damaging the long term prospects of the sector and our economy. Air corridors provided some relief and support for the peak summer months, but with covid rates rising across Europe again, the frequent policy changes required do little to restore passenger confidence in the sector.

I continue to lobby for international safety standards and airport testing. Many of these issues were raised in a parliamentary debate on aviation yesterday. I had hoped to speak in this debate, however there remain restrictions on how many members can speak in debates, and I unfortunately was not given the opportunity on this occasion. A copy of the speech I would have given is available on my aviation campaign webpage for information.

This highlights on the need for testing, and the scientific case for how this could deliver stability and improve confidence, while reducing quarantine and providing covd protections. We must as always be led by the science in our pursuit of long term solutions to the impact of the pandemic. I have therefore written to the Cabinet Office requesting the publication of further scientific research, and will continue to press colleagues across Government for the need to use this data to introduce long term sustainable solutions to safeguard the safety of the aviation sector, and the jobs and businesses which rely upon it.