Conservative Health - Mental Health Special Interest Group

Ben is the lead of the Conservative Health - Mental Health Special Interest Group (SIG).

Conservative Health is a membership organisation providing insight and expertise in areas of health and social care policy to the Conservative Party.  There are priority areas within healthcare that may need a specific focus depending on national circumstances. Mental healthcare is one such area and is the focus of the Special Interest Group this year. The SIG is formed of members of Conservative Health

Ben launched the Special Interest Group at Party Conference 2017 with a fringe on Mental Health – Delivering the Revolution. We have a series of future events planned on the subject of mental health. 

Ben said 'As a psychiatrist I see how much misery mental illness can cause. It’s time that mental health care is given the same priority as physical health, and it is only the Conservative Party who have made this central to their health policy agenda. The Conservative Health Mental Health Special Interest Group is your opportunity to learn more about mental health policy and help shape the agenda.'

Ben has recently written on the Conservative Home website about concerns over the 'false epidemic' of mental health:

I’m an NHS consultant psychiatrist. And can tell you that this talk of a mental health epidemic is doing real harm.