Ensuring everyone has the opportunity of a great education

We have amazing schools in Runnymede and Weybridge, and I believe that every child deserves a great education from nursery to university.

The covid pandemic has placed unprecedented pressures on schools, students and their families. It is essential we work to ensure no child is left behind and all have the opportunity for a great education.

I will:

  • Engage with our nurseries, schools, colleges and university, supporting them to deliver high quality education
  • Advocate on their behalf to the Department for Education, Ofsted, Ofqual and any other relevant body
  • Work with Surrey County Council as our Local Education Authority and other community organisations to ensure co-ordinated support for our schools
  • Support Further Education and the importance of vocational qualifications and apprenticeships
  • Lobby for a long term plan for education to ensure children and schools receive the support to catch up on what they have missed
  • Work to increase schools and college funding
  • Encourage opportunities for enrichment and engagement